Tuesday, November 23

Gobble Gobble

Last night for family night we had some special guests.
Auntie flew in from SLC for her job interview and The VanBrewCrew came over to join us.

We made Rice Krispy Turkeys.
Ours may not be as pretty as the ones on the website I get the idea from but we had lots of fun making them!
Sorry about the pictures, I realized after I took them that my setting was off then the battery died, but you get the idea.
Hadley showing off her masterpiece. Hoku and Malia worked together while Aaron and Josh put one piece of candy on theirs so they could eat the rice krispy treat's. It must of been a guy thing because Collin rushed so he could eat his too.

It was the best tasting turkey I have EVER had!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 21

Good bye fall...

we will miss you!
I know it's not winter yet but here in the NW once the sun is gone it's gone for awhile.
The afternoon trips to the park will have to wait till spring or the extremely rare sunny winter day we might get.

No more leaf fights for the year.

No more trying to find the crunchiest leaf we can. It was fun while it lasted...
we'll see you next year!

Friday, November 12

You might remember exactly 3 years ago today I had and incident with this lovely
(sorry I don't have a better picture but she really was lovely) It was a sad day!
I loved my little Trooper.
On the anniversary of having to say good bye to my sweet ride we are saying hello to our newest addition.
This is a picture of Josh leaving the mechanic yesterday after getting a clean bill of health.
Collin got to ride with Josh and LOVED every minute of it.
He is so excited to have a car that has 8 seats in it.
I'm excited that we will have a car that will be able to fit all 3 car seats in it.
So as soon as our loan lady has all the paper work lined up we will be the proud owners.
I hope Josh let's me drive it seeing how I have a history of crashing car's while pregnant.
He might make me drive the Olds till after April.

Sunday, October 17

This is how Hadley does dance class

Hadley dances around the house ALL day and has been asking to do dance. So I found her a class and this is what she does the first day.

I'm hoping this week goes better.

Collin's First Kindergarten Fieldtrip

Last Wednesday I signed up to go with Collins class on the field trip to the pumpkin patch.
I had a fun group of 4 little boys. Collin was so excited that morning. He woke up early and was excited to help make the lunches. Josh took Hadley to have a fun day with Aunt Abby and Grandma and Collin and I were off to school.
Here is a picture of my group on the bus.It was Collins very first time on a school bus and the very first time the other boys had sat in the back seat of the bus. (this was a big deal)
I think the last time I was on a bus was my senior party after graduation.
I forgot how bouncy the back of the bus is, it didn't go well with early morning and 3.5 months pregnant, but I had to be the cool mom and let my group sit in the back.
We got to the park and froze while doing a scavenger hunt and playing on the toys. It warmed up a little and we had lunch.
The boys couldn't stand it anymore...they were SO excited to go to the pumpkin patch!

Here are the boys on the hay ride.

Searching for the best pumpkin
L-man found his!
Collin was determined to get the biggest one out of his friends.
I let him pick whatever pumpkin he wanted to but even though I was there he still had to carry it...I know, I'm pretty mean.
After the hay ride back we had some great teamwork and got all the pumpkins washed. It had finally warmed up and it turned out to be a beautiful 75 degree day.
We got to the petting zoo and the boys didn't really get it that the lama didn't want to eat the hay but they still thought it was cool.
Here are all the kids from all three classes.
It was fun trying to get all the kids out of the tunnels and to sit still.
The hay pyramid made me all itchy just looking at it.
And here is the BEST group of boys out of the entire bunch!
Thanks boys for making it such a fun day.

Thursday, September 30

Hadley's New Thing

Most of us call these tic tac's. At our house they are known as "tic tac toe's" and Hadley LOVES them. I tried to get her to pick the pink ones at the store yesterday but she is staying true to orange. I thought about correcting her and telling her they are just tic tac's but I think it's pretty cute.

Friday, September 10


This is what greeted me this morning when I went to take Collin to school.

I was hoping it would be gone when I got back but secretly hoping it would still be there so I could catch it and make sure he doesn't make his way in to my house. I could see him from the road when I pulled up to the house. He hadn't moved at all.
I got my hairspray, cup and paper and went to get him.
He is now sitting in his new home on my front porch till Josh come's home to properly dispose of him.